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Mark Daniel Suwyn
September 23, 2015


It’s Time to Listen: The Key to Engaging Employees Part II

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The "reluctant CEO" called me a few weeks later and invited me to spend the day with his managers and employees. "Listen to them and see if you can tell me what's wrong," he said. He repeated his position. “These folks just need to grow up.”

The point of my earlier visit, I offered, was that he needed to listen to his folks. Not me.

"I'm going to listen to you first," he said.

It is not my general practice to walk around companies with a "shrink hat" on asking people how they feel. But I do sit in on meetings to see how effectively people are using their time.

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Workplace Culture Employee Engagement

Mark Daniel Suwyn
September 21, 2015


It’s Time to Listen: The Key to Engaging Employees Part I

The CEO across the desk was reluctant to budge an inch.

"The problem, Dan, is that my people just need to grow up."

"But what is it that they should grow into?" I replied.

"Spare me the psychobabble," he said, sharply. “I 

know the market is tough and my people are working hard. But we're just not hitting the numbers. I can't imagine what they're confused about. I've been consistent in delivering the message. Telling them again isn't going to make a difference." 

"Perhaps, we can try something different," I offered. "How about if this time you just listen…?"

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Organizational Health Workplace Improvement Employee Engagement

Doug Claffey
September 18, 2015


What healthy organizations know about employee engagement

So it’s all about the perks, right?

I get this question all the time.  Espresso machines, massage chairs, and free yoga classes. Surely this makes the difference between a top workplace and just an average workplace. Not so fast.

Back in 2006, we set out to determine what truly matters most to employees in the workplace, what engages them, and what sets healthy organizations apart from the rest. Since then, we’ve surveyed more than 35,000 organizations representing well over 13 million employees across the United States. We’ll survey at least another two million this year alone.

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Organizational Health Employee Engagement

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